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Facebook has launched a new app on iOS called Rooms. What makes this one special is that reminds of the 90s when anonymous chat rooms were something big. The app has been crafted in this way on purpose, of course.

Rooms allow users to create or be part of a groups called Rooms that bring people of common interests together. You won’t be needed to login to your Facebook account or set your profile picture. In fact, the app’s got nothing to do with your Facebook account (except probably for the fact that all the data will be stored on Facebook’s servers). It’s all supposed to remain undisclosed. What’s more, you can choose a different nickname for every room, as well as customize its look and feel. There are certain restrictions though. The rooms will have moderators and then, there’s age restriction, as well as rules for participation.

The app is the brainchild of Josh Miller, who worked with Branch before Facebook acquired it. Rooms seems like another effort to cover up the messaging sphere with another kind of app, lest someone else comes before and Facebook finds itself late to the party like it happened with Snapchat. You can try the app for free at the store link below.

Rooms – iOS App Store