stickered for messenger

Facebook has released a new app called Stickered for Messenger. The app has been developed by the same team who’s behind the Facebook Messenger.

– Pick as many stickers as you want
– Stick them on before or after you snap a photo
– Decorate photos from your gallery, too
– Drag, pinch, stretch and rotate stickers
– Add captions to complete the scene
– Send your creations to friends with Messenger

The app allows you to put stickers that are present on Messenger on your photos. And once you’re satisfied with your creation, you can share it with your friends on, well, Facebook Messenger. To be frank, we don’t get the point behind the app, but there you still have it, the ability to add as many stickers on your photos as you want. The app is live in the Play Store (link below) and should be coming to iOS soon.

Facebook will also be rolling out changes to Messenger in the coming days to celebrate the festive season. We’ll keep you updated on it.

Stickered for Messenger – Android