Beats music

Beats Music which is another music streaming service besides the plethora of options available already has been given a massive update on both Android and iOS to make it more appealing to the crowd. The updates are different and bring different new features on both the platforms.

Talking about iOS first, the update allows you to subscribe from within the app rather than from the web. It sure does make things convenient for the consumers. On Android, the app gets a new widget. As for the common new features on both platforms, you can now follow your Facebook friends on Beats Music. The app also offers better Facebook and Twitter account management. Thousands of new songs have also been added to the Sentence playlist generator. The app also gets offline mode and downloading improvements, along with Music Player performance fixes. If that’s enough to make some Spotify and Rdio users jump ship, remains to be seen. The app is also available on Windows Phone, but hasn’t received any developer love this time. Find the links for the app below.

App Store

Google Play