Amazon adds dedicated voice search to its Android app

Amazon has recently pushed a new update for its Android app taking it to version 5.1. The update makes it possible to do voice searches within the app instead of having to type down the name of the product you’re looking for.

Upon tapping on the magnifying glass within the app, users will be presented with a “Voice” option with a microphone instead of “Scan it” that used to be present earlier. Amazon will store these voice searches to improve its voice searches, however, you also have the option to opt out of it.

Another change that is present in the apk but hasn’t been made available just yet is the ability to scan credit cards. What good would that do, you ask? Well, it will save you time by scanning  your credit card details instead of you typing them using the keyboard.

The update is out in the Play Store and ready to be downloaded. Unfortunately, the changelog is still from version 5.0.

Amazon – Play Store