Internet keeps throwing new things at people, some of which become instant success. After Flappy Birds, the next big sensation that seems to have come out of nowhere is the new game called 2048. The app was earlier available as a webpage, the success of which, prompted the developers to publish an app.

2048 is pretty simple. In a 4×4 grid you’ll have either 2 or 4 popping up at random free spaces. Your target is to combine to blocks of same denomination (say, 2 and 2) to form a bigger denomination (in this case, 4). You can move the all the blocks in the grid in either of the four direction before the next one pops up on the screen. The ultimate objective is to form 2048 block on the screen. You loose if all the 16 grids fill out before you’ve reached that number.

The app is available on Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store, albeit all of them have been made by different developers. There are plenty of clone copies, but the source code for most of them has been picked from gabrielecirullli, the site where the game originally showed up.