xcom enemy unknown android

Critically acclaimed Firaxis made XCOM: Enemy Unknown has landed on the Play Store. The game was previously available on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, OS X and iOS. It’s a turn based tactical role playing game set in near future when an alien invasion kicks in and the role of saving the planet and the entire human race falls on your shoulders. You play as the commander of XCOM, an organization entitled with the task to save the interests of the nations. In terms of features and gameplay, here’s what the game offers:

– Recruit and level-up soldiers
– Discover new weapons and technology
– Play randomly generated missions
– Engage in strategic combat 
– Use enhanced touch controls designed for mobile

The game has received several accolades on other platforms and has often been called a genre define game. The good news is that instead of a $20 price tag that the iOS version commands, the Android version of the game will be available for $10 only. It’s live in the Store and can be picked here. 2K has also promised an Amazon version of the game in the near future.