windows store overhaul

While Microsoft improved upon the Windows Store with the Windows 8.1 update, there’s always room for improvement. The team has pushed another big update for the Windows Store that refines it and makes it better to use.

Among several changes, the most noticeable is a new persistent navigation bar at the top with quick links to HomeTop chartsCategoriesCollections, and Account. Until now, the only way to get to the Home page was by pressing the back button frustrating number of times. Clicking on these buttons opens up a drop down to take you even deeper into the store.

Tapping on Collections takes you to a new page that hosts similarly themed apps grouped together, that have been curated by Microsoft. We’ve seen it on Windows Phone before, and now it’s available here. The Spotlight section has also returned, now named as Featured. These featured apps will also be visible on Category pages.

It’ll also be easier to spot universal apps on the Store now with a new Windows/Windows Phone. Also, discounted apps will have their original price listed in a red strikethrough.

To get the new store on your Windows 8 machine, open Settings > Change PC Settings > Update & Recovery > Check Now.It can take a while before the update is available in your region, but it should be available eventually.