waze windows phone

Waze might not be the number one navigation app on Windows Phone, but it’s still used by millions. The app that relies on user generated information and alerts was acquired by Google last year. Although the app wasn’t removed from the Windows Phone Store, it’s not been updated in over 6 months now. Given how Google treats Windows Phone users, many suspected that Waze for Windows Phone might never get updated in the future and their fears have finally come true. Here’s what the company had to say on Twitter:

“There are no plans for an update as of now but things can always change.”

The reply was made to a user’s response on Twitter and pretty much sums it up. That’s rather unfortunate, given that we see Microsoft updating its apps on Android frequently. Granted Windows Phone has a small userbase compared to Android or iOS, Google’s anti competitive approach towards the platform is certainly disgraceful. We’re yet to see any other Google services like YouTube or Gmail apps on the platform and have no hope of them ever being released. Thankfully, it was Facebook and not Google that acquired WhatsApp, or else it might have suffered similar fate.

Still, users have the option to download Waze on Windows Phone as it is. It isn’t much different from the iOS or Android versions for now, but we might see that gap getting broader in the future.

Waze for Windows Phone