castle of illusion

Castle of Illusion is a Sega Genesis classic from the golden era of gaming, Now, Disney is trying to recreate some of that old magic on Windows Phone and Windows. The studio has launched a game of the same name on Store. It seems like Disney and Microsoft have signed some sort of contract to bring all major Disney titles to Microsoft’s platforms. The game was launched on iOS and Android last year.

Controlling Mickey Mouse in third person, here’s what the game has to offer:

“The evil witch Mizrabel has kidnapped Minnie Mouse and taken her to the castle, where Mickey must seek her out. Mickey must travel through enchanted forests, take on armies of rebellious toys and navigate mazes of living books – all in search of his captive sweetheart. There are five magical worlds filled with Mizrabel’s powerful minions, twists and turns, and hidden challenges to uncover and master.”

castle of illusion 2

Of course the graphics have been updated from the Sega era to match current standards. The game wighs close to 47MB on both the platforms and on Windows Phone, it requires 1GB RAM. The sad part is the pricing of the game. On the Windows Store, you’ll have to pay $14.99 to enjoy the game, while on Windows Phone it costs a whopping (by Windows Phone standards) $9.99. No it’s not an universal app (which is surprising) and it’s not an Xbox Live title either. What’s more shocking is that it comes sans a trial.

Probably the best thing to do would be to let the game get discounted during special offers like the Red Stripe Deals of the week. In case yo’re the impatient types, find the store links below.

Windows 8.1
Windows Phone 8