photo toaster ios


While casual photographers find Instagram to be suffice for touching up their photographs, users looking for something more professional and advanced have to look at other alternatives in the App Store. Among the umpteen such apps, Photo Toaster is one which has been received favorably by the crowd. The app has picked up an update bringing some big changes along. Here’s what the new version 6.0 has to offer:

  • the album picker has been replaced with a custom photo picker that has a larger thumbnail size and allows for zooming in on photos before using them
  • tint is now shadow and highlight tint to allow for split toning
  • sharpen is now detail and can sharpen or soften depending on direction ( the algorithm has been improved to provide a better result particularly with larger values)
  • the blur vignette has been separated from the brightness vignette so that each can have it’s own size
  • shadows and highlights can now go in either direction so you can darken shadows and lighten highlights (the algorithm was rewritten for a higher quality result)
  • there are several new global presets that make use of some of the changes
  • the FX brushes has a new option for soft focus, this can be helpful for removing wrinkles or blemishes
  • precision sliders are used in some cases and activated by moving away from the control to allow for more precise adjustment
  • custom size for crop and save

The good thing about this app is that $2.99 buys you everything and there are no more further in-app purchases to unlock any features. The app can be picked up for iPhone, iPad and iPod in the App Store here.