bioshock ios

In what can be considered another proof that smartphones will soon be as powerful as at least last gen consoles, the original BioShock will soon be hitting iOS. The process of porting the seven year old game is being done by 2K Games’ China Studio. The game will be launched as a premium title, just like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and could retail anywhere between $10-30.

Although, you must not expect PC or console like graphics. The game with be severely inferior compared to the PC or the consoles version. Shadows and in-game lighting have been cut down. Engadget notes that the graphics are considerably worse compared to the console versions. All of this has been done so that the game may run smoothly even on the older iPhones. Perhaps, the game might run only on iPhone 4s and above, but we’re only guessing here.

If you have played the game already before, it might not be worth the money. But for first time users, the game could offer something new and exciting. All said, the game shows that smartphones still have a lot of catching up to do before they can be as powerful as the PS4 or the Xbox One. How long that takes is anybody’s guess. Also, there;s no word on whether the game will be ported to other platforms or not.