iphone 5s 4k video recording

iPhone is seen as a premium brand of smartphones not made for well, everyone. Of course, you have to shell out a lot of cash to own one. But what if we told you that to have one of the features enjoyed by Android users on cheaper phones, you’ll have to shell out more cash than what the phone is worth for? We’re talking about 4K video recording and there’s an app available in the App Store that just does that on the iPhone 5s for $999.99.

Vizzywig 4K has been approved by Apple to launch in the App Store. It doesn’t capture 4K videos right away, but instead, captures 4K stills at 24fps and then stitches them together along with the synced audio. You can later edit these videos as well. The app eats around 72MB worth of data every second and as such, only works with the 32GB and 64GB version of the iPhone 5s.

Oh, and since you’d be generous enough to throw away your cash at the developer in case you buy it, he is also offering VIP email, phone or text message support directly from the founder and inventor on this particular app due to the “high price point”.

In case you’re looking for cheaper options, MoviePro costs $4.99 and allows up to 3K native video recording. We’re not judging, but in case you decide to get the app anyway, might we suggest some premium phones from Sony and Samsung that capture 4K videos and more for less.

Vizzywig 4K – App Store