While the initial euphoria around the Android and iOS ports of BBM is pretty much dead, at least the developers haven’t completely forgotten about it. The app has been pushed to version 2.2 on Android and is expected to get the same update for iOS in the coming days.

Among several changes the most important is the easier sign up method. Unlike competitors (that are in a much better shape), BBM required users to fill in several fields before you could start using the app on your phone. Well, some of them are gone and you just need to enter your name, email and password. The app has also been given a much more easier way to add friends. If you now receive an invite through email, all you need to do is click the link and that’s all. Earlier, users were supposed to send a PIN back, which wasn’t the most convenient or time saving process. BlackBerry has also added 16 new emoticons to the app.

The update is live on Android and can be accessed here. Meanwhile, it should go live on iOS in a couple of hours. BlackBerry users shall be getting the update in the coming days with the above features along with some exclusive ones.