bad piggies windows phone

While titles from Rovio’s Angry Birds series land on Windows Phone at the same time as iOS and Android counterparts, the series spin off Bad Biggies had eluded the platform until now. Well, the good news is that the app has finally landed on the Windows Phone Store, 17 months after it came on iOS. Fortunately, the game includes all the updates and new levels that have been added through updates on the other platforms.

Bad Piggies put the green pigs that we’ve come to hate so much from the Angry Birds franchise in the driver’s seat, literally. You’re supposed to design complex carts to get the piggies across the finish line. It’s definitely worth a try.

However, unlike the Android and iOS versions, the game isn’t free on Windows Phone and costs $0.99. Still, that’s not a huge amount for an addictive game, given that you haven’t already played it on the other platforms. You can grab Bad Piggies on the Windows Phone Store here.