app store downloads

Apple App Store has set a new record in terms of number of downloads achieved in a month.According to mobile app marketing platform Fiksu, close to 7.8 million downloads were done in the last month among the top 200 free apps available in the App Store. According to the firm, the numbers were up 42 percent from the month before and 39 percent October 2013.

Of course, the sharp spike in downloads can be attributed to the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that became available globally last month. Not only did the new users download the apps, but a good number of existing users who jumped to the newer models were also responsible for the uptick. We already know that the new iPhones are selling in huge numbers, greater than what Apple has ever seen before. So it’s kind of obvious that this new population of iPhone users would download the most number of apps in the first month since purchase.

Interestingly, cost per ad install, an option that charges developers when their app is installed after placing an ad rose 21% sequentially to $1.46 due to strong holiday season. Also, since some of these downloads were re-downloads (for users who jumped from a previous iPhone model to the current ones),the costs of attracting new customers to iOS apps declined to $2.16 in October from $2.25 a month before.

Apple is expected to ship over 71 million iPhone units this quarter, so we can expect the number to rise further in the coming months.