htc zoe

HTC is not only known for its elegant hardware, but also for its custom skins and exclusive software options on its phones. Now, other Android users will be able to enjoy some of it on their non HTC devices.

A new team of 260 people based in Seattle called HTC Creative Labs, is working towards bringing bringing Zoe beta to other Android devices. Zoe allows users to stitch up to 16 videos or images together to create a short clip. It was first introduced in HTC One M7 and has been carried forward in subsequent devices.Zoe also allows users to remix and expand one another’s videos, and also add in new content.

While making it available to other users, HTC hopes to build a consumer base and build on it so it may monetize it in the future. We’re certain the team that is headed by Drew Bamford, the head of HTC’s user interface team, will be looking to bring other interesting offerings to Android users.