apple app store rejection

It is always heartbreaking for developers to see their hard work not being appreciated the way they’d hope, but Apple certainly has its own reasons. Until now, Apple never gave the exact reason for rejecting an app on the App Store. However, showing some sympathy to beleaguered developers, the company has revealed the top ten reasons why it rejects developers the chance to have their apps in the App Store.

The prime reason in the Apple’s list is the lack of information or a valid demonstration account. That accounts for 14 percent of the denials. This is followed by buggy coding which gets 8 percent of the apps rejected. Then there’s non compliance with Apple’s terms and conditions and guidelines that together get another tenth or so apps rejected. A lot of apps also get rejected for having misleading names and icons that resemble to other apps on the App Store. Unlike other stores, apps on App Store also do not get approval in case they’re in Beta. Other reasons include bad interface design, placeholder text and a few more reasons mentioned in the infographic below.

It seems like Apple strictly follows the high standards on the App Store and doesn’t just approve apps for bragging rights. Wish we could say the same about some other stores too.